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Since the start of the recession, 8.8 million jobs have been lost, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I was one of those 8.8 million people. In 2009, I was laid off a research project due to funding being suspended. Between 2007 and 2014, I was also one of 7.3 million homeowners who lost our home to foreclosure.


Some affected by job loss and foreclosure, due to the economic downturn, were able to bounce back relatively emotionally unscathed. Many, however, internalized the outer events as a negative reflection of their personal capacities without taking a deeper look at the crisis as a potential underlying catalyst.


Although a personal economic crisis can be viewed as both an externally influenced event beyond your control yet within your control, it can also be an opportunity to examine the conscious and sub-conscious conditions that brought the experience into your life. If thoughts and beliefs create experiences, so do unexamined thoughts and beliefs. It was through experiences of prolonged financial crisis, that I realized I subconsciously co-created experiences that felt so bad until the only place I could go was within―exactly where I needed to go.


Of the millions of individuals who lost jobs and homes, how many turned to meditation as a viable way to face and overcome financial crisis? Probably very few.


How many recognized the depth of financial crisis as a potential catalyst to pave the way for living a life of purpose? Again, probably very few.


The Gift of Crisis will show how repeated crises can serve as a catalyst to reveal the underlying purpose, and how questions posed during a meditative state can reveal answers in the direction of a higher purpose.

For women and men who are sincerely interested in spiritual growth, yet find it difficult to make “mental room” to dedicate to such growth due to personal distractions, The Gift of Crisis will demonstrate the practical manner in which meditation and prayer can assist during any type of crisis as a means of reaching for a calmer, clearer and purposeful life.


While interposing personal stories and prescriptive ideas amidst ongoing financial destitution, The Gift of Crisis will highlight the following insights gleaned from strengthening a meditative practice during crisis:

  • Deepen your trust in a Higher Intelligence and in your higher purpose.

  • Welcome change and embrace change.

  • Focus your attention on the emergence of new possibilities as a result of the crisis.


The Gift of Crisis is developed to show it is not solely about “the end result.” It is about the moment-to-moment experience within the journey; the journey that leads to growth, transformation, change and purpose.

Editorial Reviews

Chris Vogler, screenwriter,

author of The Writer's Journey

"Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley has the gift of observing the little details that make her story come to life, and make her spiritual journey meaningful. In her quest for a better way to live, she made discoveries of deep principles that will enrich your understanding of how the Universe works. With careful attention to the step-by-step process she went through to get in touch with her inner guidance system, she provides a clear roadmap for clarifying your own thinking about your life, your potential and your destiny."

Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega Institute,

author of Marrow: Love, Loss, and What Matters Most

"Bridgitte's writing comes directly from the heart,

and will help you unblock your connection to your inner guidance.”

B. Jean Lein, CPA, ALSP,

Certified Energy Codes Faciliatator

and Licensed Practicioner

"What Bridgitte reminds us is that it is so important to continue the work that is

ours to do, to push on, to be relentless, to be unfailingly loyal to ourselves and our higher being. She teaches that following our way requires persistence, repetition and

devotion. That being inspired and being fired by the passion within us is what is required to consistently apply the tools that we have, to gain our own level of enlightenment, our own bliss. Often self-help books try to tell us that we can do

the work in a very easy way and get results instantly. What Bridgett shows us is that

it is not necessarily that the way itself that is difficult, but that we must be persistent

in our practices, and this is what requires effort - ongoing and repeated effort."

Nancy Colier, psychotherapist, interfaith minister, author of

The Power of Off: The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World

"In a clear and compassionate style, Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley shows us the gift

of both crisis and meditation―to lead us into our deepest wisdom and highest self.

An evolved, insightful and genuinely helpful read!"

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