Dr. Ann Barham: Birthmarks, Vivid Dreams and Déjà Vu: Have you been here before?

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Photo Credit, Jeremy Thomas

A few years ago, I had the strangest dream. My husband and I were together and according to the clothes we wore, the time period was around the 1800’s.

In the dream, it was a beautiful sunny day and we were lying outside on a grassy lawn. The setting appeared to be a well-maintained college campus or institution of higher learning. There were people walking around, sitting on benches, relaxing on the grass, eating, talking and going about their business in an enthusiastic yet settled manner.

My husband was dressed in 19th century attire which included: a white Victorian dress shirt with a high stand collar and puff tie, a black jacquard vest, and grey trousers with a frock coat. He was a college professor, an educator of some kind and held a highly regarded intellectual position.

I was dressed in an off white Lucille Walking Suit with a lace collar that came all the way up to my neck, with tightly fitted full bell sleeves and a hoop underskirt. My hair was black and neatly pulled back into a bun.

It was apparent that as a couple we were well-groomed, young and wealthy.

As we relaxed on the grass in the campus quad, I lie on my stomach with my husband lying closely beside me. He watched me as he lie on his side facing me. I knew that he adored me.

There was an instant knowing that I had Multiple Sclerosis but had been symptom free and healthy for some time. I also knew that my husband was taking care of me financially and emotionally. I felt that I was the love of his life, as he was mine.

While outside, I explained to him that I was worried, and felt concerned my symptoms might return and I would fall ill again.

The love emanating from him was immense. And in my dream, I felt exactly how much he loves me now, in our current life.

When I awoke, I knew it wasn’t merely a dream. I told my husband about it and searched my mind for a way to describe what it could have been. What I’ve settled on is, it must have been a glimpse into another life.

That was four years ago and I remember it as if it were yesterday.

In an in-depth interview with Dr. Ann C. Barham, LMFT, Certified Past Life Therapist and author of The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes, we discuss how past life information can surface in our dreams.

Dr. Barham also explains the many ways past life issues can be reactivated by events in our current lifetime and how past life regression therapy can be a viable option for resolving long-standing issues.

BJB: What is past life regression, and how does it relate to reincarnation?

AB: The concept of reincarnation is that we are eternal souls that have the opportunity to be on the human plane across a variety of bodies and personalities over the ages. We’re here to learn, and we’re here over and over again with more than one opportunity to learn the lessons.

The way that past life regression relates to the concept of reincarnation is that we are going back into an individual’s memories from one, or many prior lifetimes, that are influencing them now. It’s a direct link in that the past life that we’re going into fits with the concept of reincarnation. The interesting thing about past life therapy is that it also works for people who aren’t sure that they believe in reincarnation.

I’ve had a number of clients that just wanted to try it out and ended up having an incredible session, which usually shifts their perception quite a bit. Even if you don’t see the stories that come up as true past life stories, the approach still works extremely quickly and effectively. We could even look at it as a powerful and therapeutic metaphor that when we work with it, it releases long standing issues and problems that people have not been able to resolve by conventional means.

BJB: How can trauma and issues from the past be reactivated by events in our current lifetime without our conscious awareness?

AB: A lot of things that happened in early childhood that we are not aware of are impacting us very strongly. All that we’re doing when look at a past life is extending the timeline back, and saying things that happened in our prior lifetimes are impacting us now too.

Just as something from our current childhood might get reactivated when an event happens to us as an adult, the same thing is happening when a past life issue gets reactivated.

For instance, I had a client who was in car accident and sustained injury to her neck. She was in a lot of pain. Two years later, the doctors had done a procedure called radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which kills the nerves. She should not have felt pain after this procedure.

They did this procedure on her twice and she was still having pain. She did not have problems with her neck prior to this car accident.

We did a past life session about the neck pain. We went into a lifetime in the 1940’s in Hollywood where she was a woman married to a well-known actor who was unfaithful to her. She was driving them somewhere on a dark night, missed a turn and crashed into a tree and ended up paralyzed from the neck down. She eventually passed away. The trauma from the current life car accident, linked back to that trauma from the prior lifetime.

Right after the session, she told me the pain in her neck was reduced by about 80%. She had her current husband look at her neck after the session and the two inches of swelling she had for the past two years was almost gone.