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The Visioneers' Handbook

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A guide for living a vision-led life as inspired by connection to spirit


Spirit is with you, within you and all around you. It is here to assist you in all endeavors and to guide you through how to bring forth the vision that wants to emerge through you. You are not meant to live life in the illusion of separation, that you are cut-off from Spirit and have to do everything alone. You are meant to thrive in connection, in community, and in collaboration with your Higher Self and with those of a like-mind and like-heart.

The Visioneers’ Handbook is a book for opening the heart. It contains spiritual tools that will show you how to live from your heart, make conscious decisions from your heart, and how to think more deeply and perceive situations more broadly.


It will guide you through asking questions such as:

  • Is my life the way I want it to be?

  • Do I participate in activities that bring me joy, vibrancy and inspiration?

  • Where are my decisions, actions and beliefs leading me?

  • If love is all encompassing, then where is love in my world?

  • Is there meaning and purpose in my life?

  • How does the spiritual world affect the physical world?

You are here for the massive transformation taking place on earth at this time and you are here for a reason. The Visioneers’ Handbook will show you how to be the change to take the next step to live the vision that wants to emerge through you. You are the one you have been waiting for.

Dr. Helané Wahbeh, Dir. of Research,
Institute of Noetic Sciences, author of The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and Embrace the Force That Connects Us All

“Many channeled books cross my path. I chose to endorse The Visioneers Handbook because if you've ever met Bridgitte, you know her inspired life clearly shines through. This book is a result of her channeled inspiration. It imparts ageless wisdom in accessible bite-sized chunks, empowering all of us to live more heartfelt and meaningful lives."

Carol Morgan, Spiritual Mentor and Channel, Xina Allen

"This book is a beautiful expression of the mass awakening humanity is undergoing.  As people become more aware of their connection with Spirit and their roles in their own reality, they are consciously opening the door for loving guidance to come through. With this work, Bridgitte has become not only a conduit for such information but also a role model. People in traditional roles in society, who are mustering up the courage to become congruent, can now follow her example, as well as her handbook."

Penney Peirce, author of Transparency, Frequency, and Leap of Perception

"Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley uses her intuitive ability to access higher spiritual guidance and her talent for writing and open-minded interviewing to bring us this collection of inspiring morsels of highly useful guidance. She focuses on a whole array of thought-provoking, timely topics to help pave the way for us to remember who we really are—awakened souls enjoying the experience of heaven-in-earth."

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