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Your generous donation will be applied to a renovation fund to establish a healing retreat center in Carmel Valley, CA. My vision is to own 1-3 acres of land (this or something better) with structures in place to renovate for day-long healing, meditation and channeling retreats, author book signing events and Healing Touch private sessions.


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The healing retreat center will provide a heart-centered space for those who wish to learn, practice and receive Healing Touch, a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle, intentional touch that assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch, based on five attributes of the heart, assists in creating a coherent and balanced energy field, supporting one's inherent ability to heal.

Attributes of the Heart

  1. Unconditional Love

  2. Healing Presence (heals, harmonizes the body’s ability to restore and renew itself)

  3. Innate Harmony (that which makes the heart lighter than a feather)

  4. Compassion (a heart-centered focus for what’s in front of you and having a full acceptance of others in the moment and having love for them)

  5. Selfless Service

healing is possible. peace is possible.

Make a difference with your gift today.

All donations are non-refundable. No goods or services were provided in return for any contribution. Contributions are tax-deductible to the limit allowed by law. If you have any questions regarding your donation(s) or need a copy of your contribution statement, please feel free to contact us at

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