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From Mourning to Light

One day, a person, job, pet, relationship or home is a significant part of your life, and then the next, you find yourself having to rebuild your life, despite missing a crucial piece. That can elicit a variety of feelings, including anger, sadness, shock, or numbness: all of which are common (and completely normal) aspects of grief.



Grief refers to a deep sorrow caused by a loss of something or someone immensely important to you. Mourning is the process involved in how you adapt to the loss and your grief reactions.



A wonderful colleague and grief counselor, Sadie Beyl, has produced an online event, From Mourning to Light, together with myself and 20 other amazing expert speakers in the field of loss and grief. Together we will all share our experiences of loss, what it takes to go on and how to make peace with it.

From Mourning to Light 3 is an online event that will air over 11 consecutive days

starting on Thursday, March 30th.



With 2 interviews a day sent to your inbox, we endeavor to bring you hope and peace, as well as guide you to invite joy back into your life again!

Here are some of the topics that we will cover:

  • Writing as a pathway through your grief

  • How to grieve into growth and live a beautiful life

  • Grieving and believing in something greater

  • Yoga for living with loss

  • How to survive grief

  • Life after loss

  • Transform your pain into your superpower

  • Exploring the supernatural

  • The wisdom in grief

  • The gift of crisis

  • The languages of sorrow



Join us to hear stories of insight and wisdom, and to learn about the unique tools each speaker used that are available to support you in your grief.

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