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Light Up The Darkness

Acrylic Painting by Mckenna Buckley


Dark silence fills my eyes

and encloses the space around me.

Arms outstretched

I grasp for what is known…

an opening

a doorway


the light.

Where is the light?

I do not know

for naked eyes cannot see.


the mind–killer,

wanting its way

with me


Haunting my steps

with fractured uncertainty,


to consume me


Dread swirls

in the eye of the dark tornado

as wrath unfolds the great unrest.

Shall I wither?

Befall an unconsciousness slumber?

Not here, not now

in this unforeseen place of the dark cascade.

Deep within

I venture down,

beyond the dark

I will not hide.

With balanced conviction

and steady calm,

inner stillness

does chaos meet.

My breath, my heart, my love

my light…

From the smallest ray,

out of darkness

internally led

my life will be.


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