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Penney Peirce: The Power of Personal Vibration

Photo Credit, Greg Rakozy

According to Penney Peirce, author of Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration, “People who are sensitive to the invisible realms have long intuited that the subtle frequency inside our bodies, and in the earth itself, has been steadily rising. We’ve known instinctively that the heightening energy was coming in a series of waves, carrying our awareness incrementally up toward a shift in perception, where our sense of self would evolve from an identity based on separation, fear, and ego to one based on inter-relatedness, love, and soul.”

“Now this shift is underway, and evident to most of society, as we try to function in a climate where everything is increasing, from the amount of data we must digest, to the hours we must stay awake to get the job done, to the tidal wave of negativity that’s beginning to seem normal.”

As we stand in the midst of a profound evolutionary process, everything is rising to the surface. Doubts, fears, prolonged and painful ways of thinking and perceiving are all rising to the surface in an effort to fall away.

Like wet sand at the beach, the sand sticks to you for as long as it can and then it falls away.

“We are entering the Intuition Age, which brings with it nothing short of a major transformation in the way we perceive reality.”

Peirce, a well-known author, lecturer, and counselor who has been working in this field since 1977, specializes in intuition and sensitivity development, “skillful perception,” personal energy and frequency training, dream work and future trends.

Outlining intrinsic transformations taking place within us as a result of the rise in vibration of the planet, Frequency continues to remain a must-read for anyone interested in the transitions that are vital to human and spiritual growth.

In an exclusive interview, Peirce discusses the importance and power of personal vibration.

BJB: What exactly do you mean by frequency?

PP: The vibration on the planet has increased and we’re increasing our vibration. Suddenly it dawns on us that we’re not just solid objects separated by empty space. There’s something inside of us that is alive. Everything is vibrating and there are different frequencies of vibration. We’re all living in a sea of energy that’s the unified field. That changed the way we see reality. And it came on gradually, but suddenly it’s like the “idea whose time has come.”

Our bodies are affected and our consciousness is affected, and then suddenly we see new things and understand something a little more subtle.

BJB: You’re talking about a more expansive way of perceiving, not just with your left brain.

PP: Right. Now past and future have been swallowed up by a gigantic present moment. It is potential realities that are at different frequencies. If you can match that frequency now, you’d have it.

Everything is much more instantaneous.

BJB: Many people are experiencing major life challenges and changes within these extreme energies.

PP: Everything is in the present moment and we’re much more aware now of things we see as unconscious. It gives us sense of permission to experience what’s in us. Now it’s perceivable.

The subconscious, where things used to be stored and suppressed is almost no longer there because the vibration is rising. The stuff that was there and based in fear is popping up into the conscious mind and set free into the atmosphere. Everybody is reacting, I think, to the fact that there’s more of the fear based stuff floating around, both your own and everybody else’s. A lot of that is based on conflict and opposition.

You see it in politics with the new coming in with the old oppositional thinking.

BJB: Can you explain oppositional realities?

PP: When you’re caught in the perception of the left brain, which catalogues, categorizes, separates, isolates and makes rules, then you can form these intense belief systems about right and wrong.

If you pick one-half of an opposition, then you’ve got to resist the other half because it threatens your life, your reality, your ego. But as the energy increases, both sides start to oscillate. You can’t hold steady in one-half of something because you can’t hold it anymore.

You have to go to the other side to see how they fit together.

BJB: This sounds as if you’re caught between two worlds.

PP: One that you’re so familiar with that you feel you have to preserve it at any length, and the other one feels like the unknown.

I think of it like conservatives in politics and terrorists. It’s all really the same underlying cause of fear, isolation and ego that puts the blame on somebody else. They all want everyone to agree with them and be the same, and then they’ll feel comfortable.

Increasing vibration is going to loosen all that, bring it to the surface, make it show up and act out. That’s why we’re going through what we’re going through. A lot of people are hitting things they didn’t want to have to experience from the past or subconscious levels.

Other people are feeling stuck; stuck because they’re half way out of the old reality, maybe, or standing in the doorway and they sense there’s a new reality. But they’re trying to get there through the left brain, which keeps you in the old reality.

Photo Credit, Greg Rakozy

BJB: There seems to be a prevalence of yearning, feeling unsettled like you can’t go on the way you’ve always been, but unclear of what the next step is.

PP: You have to sort of suspend the left brain need for security and definition, and go into practices like mindfulness, meditation and intuition development and using the right side of the brain to work with the body consciousness. As soon as you stop the self-talk, intuition opens up.

BJB: Are you referring to self-talk such as, “I can’t do this,” or “I don’t know what to do.”

PP: Yes. As soon as you stop that and just be, you’re consciousness spreads out around you and you start to realize things without trying. You suddenly have insights that come in on they’re own.

BJB: There’s a place, of course, for the left brain. However, is this where we let go of this extreme attachment to the determination of, ‘I have to figure it out,’ ‘I’m going to make it happen,’ and move into a different process?

PP: The right brain accesses information from the present moment. The left brain goes into the past and projects that onto the future. I’m oversimplifying the brain, of course, but this is an easy way for most people to understand it.

The right brain is the field. You can’t process in the linear fashion anymore of the Information Age. There’s too much data. If you shift into the right brain, it’s all right there and whatever you need comes forth. If you don’t need it, it goes back into the field. It’s incredibly efficient.

We have to have a new set of criteria about how we make decisions.

1. Does it allow me to keep my heart open?
2. Does it allow me to stay in my home frequency?
3. Does it help me increase my creativity?
4. Is this something that will balance me out?

You’ll start to get a sense.

If you really pay attention to your body, you’ll feel yourself wanting to be moved. I call it working with your “inner perceiver.”

BJB: You write, “If you’re energy is high, fast and clear, life unfolds effortlessly.” For someone looking at a work situation or a relationship, what are signs that their frequency no longer fits the situation they’re in?

PP: Often when people are in a relationship, and a job is also a relationship, when they got together there were assumptions about what they were going to exchange in a certain way. But then when one person starts growing spiritually and wants to open up and look more at the inner world, and the other person is still stuck on the original agreements, what’s happening is the inner energy blueprint has shifted because one person has started increasing in vibration. That creates a kind of dissonance that makes you uncomfortable, because the outer form doesn’t match the inner pattern anymore.

If you hold yourself back and sacrifice your growth, it has repercussions. The more you suppress yourself, the more you get suppressed by life.

BJB: Can you talk about the extent to which we create our reality, as opposed to the soul moving us to where it wants to go?

PP: We are the soul. The soul does try very hard to flow through the personality. If the left brain is very stuck and you have a lot of habits and fears, it takes a while to clear that. A lot of a person’s lifetime could be spent clearing the field so the soul can get through.

Now more and more people are getting clear. They’ve been working on it for years and the soul is fully and consciously embodying the personality and the body. When this happens things start to get fluid and easy. You’ve got a lot of synchronicities, lots of help, people showing up and you feel like you’re living your destiny.

We create our reality partly from the soul’s loves, and partly from desires but also because we’re connected with everyone. There’s collective consciousness force that’s co-creating realities that we share with others.

BJB: Your point about the body as a central focusing lens of the universe which allows a collective need for something to come through one person as an idea, is very interesting.

PP: I think the collective has needs and one person who is really open as a filter for that will do it, and it will feel like your favorite thing. The ideas are seeping in everywhere. I think it’s happening through technology and telepathy.

If you’re coming from a clear space in the spiritual and mental realms where everything is interconnected and harmonious, and then you drop your frequency down and hit the emotional realm which today is agitated with the opposition, it’s like being in the ocean with waves hitting you. You’re trying to come through that into the body to make your knowledge real, it’s frustrating. So we need skills like intuition training so we can bring more innovations, ideas and love into the world.

Penney Peirce is the author of Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention, Frequency: The Power of Your Personal Vibration, The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness, Dream Dictionary for Dummies, Dreams for Dummies, The Present Moment: A Daybook for Clarity and Intuition and Bits & Pieces 1 & 2 eBook.

For more information on local appearances, events, books and audio, log onto or visit Peirce’s Facebook community.


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