Trevor Hall: KALA, Time and the Journey Within with Trevor Hall

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“My grandmother said to me…‘isn’t time such a wonderful gift?’ Trevor explained. When my grandmother looked up to me from her wheel chair on that golden afternoon, something happened. I didn’t know it then, but that one remark would stick with me for weeks and months to come. That was the seed. That was the beginning … ‘Time.’”

That was the beginning of KALA, which means ‘time’ in Sanskrit, and what has become Trevor Hall’s most eloquent expression of coming into his own musical identity.

Hall’s music is an eclectic mix of acoustic rock, reggae and Sanskrit chanting that echo the teachings of divinities, while maintaining a harmonizing tone amidst a universal message.

In an exclusive interview, Hall discusses the surrender that was necessary to let KALA emerge:

BJB: An integral part of the spiritual path is the awakening and expansion within yourself. Can you talk about how the expansion within you is expressed through KALA?

TH: I think that we’re all divine beings, we’ve just forgotten that and are distracted; so it’s not like our divine essence is something that we have to gain because we already have it within. It’s something that we just have to remember.

There’s obviously many different ways to tap into that essence. You know for some people it’s writing, for some it’s walking and for others music. So music for me has been the thing that has helped me come inside because music is like a mystery to me. It brings me into a place where I know there is something much deeper within me.

Photo Credit, B. Jackson-Buckley

I released an album called Chapter of The Forest after I had taken a year off. I was kind of going through a tough time and just tired from the road and burnt out. In Chapter of the Forest (COTF) I wanted to do an album that was healing for me.

I felt like with that album I was really coming into my sound, whereas like all the other albums before I was still exploring a little bit.

By the time KALA came around, I was going deeper within myself and deeper within my musical and spiritual expression.

BJB: If you have to go deeper in, it’s almost as if you had to unlearn smallness; like being afraid of change or of failure or doing what you think other people would want you to do. You have to be authentic. That seems to have come through COTF, Unpack Your Memories and KALA.

KALA feels deeply healing.

TH: You have to understand that I’m a listener too. I’m the most privileged listener because

I get to hear it first, before it comes out.

For me the songs aren’t necessarily speaking from where I am presently, these are things that are talking to me, they’re like meditations for me and they’re helping me heal. Each time I play them and each time I share them, I get a new perspective of the message and the healing.

KALA, by God’s grace, brought me back deeper into that space.

We’re conditioned to so many different things and as an artist, you do have a lot of pressures of what’s main stream and what is success. Some of those things are good but some of the things you have to unlearn and go within. COTF was the beginning while KALA was definitely the journey of going further into that space of what’s in my heart.

BJB: What is the highest vision you hold for your music?

TH: I try to be as sincere as possible.

Unfortunately, no matter even if it’s a pure thing, we take it and market it and try to make money off of it. I think people can trust when they know if somebody is being authentic or not. I also think they know within themselves too, ‘am I being authentic or not?’ It can be a battle because there’s a dance that has to be done.

I just feel weird if I’m not being true to myself, and I can’t go on like that. I can’t fake it.

The purpose for me playing music is to go within. Yeah it just happens to be my job and I get to share it with people, but in its deepest sense I was playing music way before I shared it with anybody. Why? Because it was my way of going within, my way of talking to spirit and my way of spirit talking to me.

I’m not going to abuse that relationship with spirit.

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BJB: What have you not experienced that you want to call to you now, or let emerge?