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It's Not About the End Result

It's about the moment-to-moment experience within the journey;

the journey that leads to growth, transformation, change and purpose.

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"Above all else I want to see things differently."

See yourself for all you are and come to know the truth of who you are. You are not your thoughts. You are not your past deeds. You are not your conversations. You are not any of the titles you impose upon yourself. You are so much more than what you have let yourself claim into existence. The time is now to see yourself for who you really are.

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I'm Bridgitte.

I’m a student of A Course in Miracles, a writer, author, and conduit for divine energy and I'm dedicated to spiritual evolution and conscious transformation. 

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Follow Your Calling


We are entering a time of truth and truth is what will be experienced by you as you come to know who and what you truly are. You are here to anchor your light in the highest way it seeks to express itself through you. The power of the mind is boundless and the time for change is now.



Living The Vision


You are the one you have been waiting for and you have the capability to make your world the way you want it to be. The time is now for love-based action with clarity of purpose, knowing and authenticity, as there is nothing a mind connected to Spirit cannot bring about. You are a Visioneer and you are here to bring about the new that is the New Earth.

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Peace is possible. Healing is possible.

Love is possible.

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