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Book Clubs

“I love books.

I adore everything about them.

I love the feel of the pages on my fingertips.

They are light enough to carry, yet so heavy with worlds and ideas..."


Nnedi Okorafor 





Thank you for considering The Gift of Crisis for your book club. I would be delighted to connect with your book club by phone or via Skype.

To sign up, please complete the contact form via this website, with the words “Book Club” in your subject line.


In your message, please indicate:

  1. The number of people in your group;

  2. The phone number and/or Skype address at the location where your group will meet and

  3. The city/state where the discussion will take place.

Please also give three potential dates and times when I might join your discussion (please specify the time zone). The times that you suggest should correspond to when you would like me to call in, not the initial meeting-time for the group.

Please plan to have your group discuss the book first; I will join your discussion for 20 minutes to answer your questions. 

Again, thank you for your interest in The Gift of Crisis.

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