Little Visioneers


A vision is an idea, inspiration, goal or dream that wants to be realized through you. It calls to you specifically because you are the conduit for the expression.

A vision is nurtured when you believe in it; when you create a feeling of belief in your body that allows space for it to grow; when you act upon daily inspiration that tries to move you in the direction of the vision.


When you hold the vision, you  focus your awareness on purpose and on the intentional role you have in co-creating what wants to be created through you.



Little Visioneers greeting cards hold the space to:

Let the Love In

Follow Your Calling




Land in Love 


​A vision is the small beginning from which great things can come.

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Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley (born in Los Angeles, CA in 1971) is an American author, blogger, memoirist and interviewer.


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