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The Sacred Heart Meditation

The Sacred Heart meditation is an excerpt from the online event Channeling The Sacred Heart: A Day of Women Channelers. This meditation is best utilized when the intention is set to connect with the consciousness of the Sacred High Heart.

The call of the heart is strong at this time. It makes itself known to you in various ways throughout your day. It calls, beckons, guides and encourages life from a place of love, knowing and trust. It is yours to decide if you will listen. The Sacred Heart meditation is a connective practice for tuning-in to your heart guidance. It is a calling in, if you will, of love into your mind, into your being and into your life.


Love is the foundation of all life and when this is lived on a consistent basis, your creations reflect this. Take a moment each day to connect with your heart, to feel into what it asks of you and where it leads you. The heart is a living being connected to the Source of all things and will never lead you astray.



The Sacred Heart Meditation

    • Audio MP3 file
    • Download available after purchase
    • Meditation length: 11:33 minutes
    • Background music: 'Meditation on Love' by Kirk Osamayo
    • Meditation is an excerpt from Channeling the Sacred Heart online event
    • All digital products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable
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