Paul Selig: The Teachings of Mastery

Photo Credit, Jeremy Thomas

According to The Guides in Paul Selig’s channeled text, The Book of Knowing and Worth, “What you call to you is always a reflection of what you believe should be. And every time you say who you are, your world confirms.”

‘Wait. What? All that shows up in my life is a direct result of what I believe I am worthy of having? The societal inequities I observe, the work I do, the communities to which I belong and the opportunities that come, or do not come, are all results of what I believe I am allowed to have?’

This was my immediate question after reading the aforementioned text for the first time. To say the least, this message really caught my attention.

The piercingly fundamental teachings compelled me to take a thorough look at what I believed could, or could not, show up in my life as well as what I am participating in the creation of on a larger scale.

The Guides, as Selig refers to them, relay high vibratory messages that resonate deeply in the aim to remind you of your true purpose.

Selig, a writer and teacher for over 25 years, who “did not anticipate doing this kind of work,” reluctantly stepped into the work of mediumship, telepathy and channeling after a spiritual experience in 1987 left him “seeing the lights around people.”

Paul Selig

Described as “a medium for the living,” Paul has the unique ability to step-into and “become” the people his clients ask about, often taking on their personalities and physical characteristics as he “hears” them telepathically.

In 2009, as he hosted a small weekly group in his apartment, Selig experienced a turn of events. His Guides turned to a woman who was there and said, “You know Paul is not going to believe what’s coming through him until he sees it written down.”

At that time Selig had experienced a professional setback, and was encouraged by a close friend to write the memoir about how he became clairaudient. Selig was reluctant but his Guides said, “No, we have a book to write. If you take two weeks, we’ll do it.”

In two and half weeks the Guides dictated I Am the Word. They said it would be the first book in a trilogy which now includes The Book of Love and Creation and The Book of Knowing and Worth.

The fourth text The Book of Mastery, was released in January 2016 and begins a second trilogy on how to improve life for yourself, for others and ultimately for global humanity through the “Teachings of Mastery.”

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Selig.

BJB: The Book of Mastery talks about the perspective through which we see our world claims our world into being, and that everything we see before us we’ve “agreed to” on some level. Can you explain what it means to “be in agreement”?

PS: I think when the Guides that I work with say “in agreement,” they simply mean co-resonance. That everything is operating at a level of co-resonance. And what my Guides are saying is that it’s not just the life that you are having, and your experience here and your ability to let’s say attract wealth or relationships, in fact you’re in co-resonance with everything you see because the world that you see couldn’t exist without your participation to it.

I think that they’re speaking to the collective here, perhaps even more so than to the individual; but they do say how any individual perceives anything is claiming that thing into being through identity and they would say vibration.

So when you transform how you see something you’re bringing a different kind of vibration to it, and you’re lifting it.

In no way are they implying that we’re out there intentionally creating our own disharmony, but they’re saying if you can see it, you’re in agreement with it through vibratory accord.

And consequently, because you’re in vibratory accord, that means you can impact it in a positive way.

BJB: Is this the same as unconsciously creating a situation to affirm our limitations and keep ourselves small?

PS: Yes, but look at taking this outside of the individual experience of his/her own importance into a collective landscape. We’re all creating these things together. We’re all operating with an agreed upon since of limitation.

Frankly, we all agree that men can fly because we’ve had air travel for over a century now. Two hundred years ago that was impossible. So the idea that it was possible was first claimed by somebody who then helped make it so, and now we all agree to it.

There are collective agreements, as I understand, about what it means to be a person/human being in a culture. All of these things in many ways are things that we’re all ascribing power and validity to, and consequently are in energetic accord with.

BJB: If we all believe in racism or war, how can a mass group of people make a shift?

PS: I’m not the teacher here. I’m mostly the “radio,” but the Guides that I work with have said that for every one person who wakes up, they wake up a thousand more. My Guides have said again and again that “nothing can be created, or claimed by any of us until we first claim it as a possibility.” That’s the first step.

The Guides have said that “you’ve had war for so long, that you can’t imagine a world without it. And because you can’t imagine a world without it, you’re always claiming it into being. Until you change your mind about what can be, and go into a new agreement, you’re going to keep claiming the old thing into being.”

Now can this be so, they say it can be so, but I hear “as we” and we have to circle the “we” agree to it.