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How to Believe in Yourself

Know there is nothing and no one who will come in and “save you”.

There is no magic formula, no magic sprinkle dust. There is you…the problem, yet you are also the solution. The catch is you cannot solve any problem from your normal way of thinking that created the problem.

You have to arrive at the understanding that not one circumstance will leave your daily experience until you have had enough of it; until you believe you are well; until you believe you are worthy and capable of more; until you forgive yourself for “past mistakes”; until love and service are a priority in your life. That’s it.

You have to interject hope where there was despair, faith where there was fear, love where there was anger and service where there was always taking without giving back.

Life is beautiful because throughout the journey of your life you are born into love, lose sight of this love and eventually reconnect with this love. Amidst the re-connection, you begin to grow, to understand, to know that love is simply the only answer.

Love is all there is, you have but to welcome it into your experience. “If nobody has done it (within your world), maybe it is for you to do.”

This is a place where you can begin to live on purpose by letting your most pressing ideas pass through you into the world, by continuously taking another step even when you are weary, and knowing without needing external validation that you are taking inspired action to bring about the highest good, not just for yourself, but for everyone involved.

These combined efforts will show you time and time again you are capable of much more than you thought possible.


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