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You are The Creator

Photo Credit: Chirayu Trivedi

My love, we are here. We are here.

Yes, it is your dream. You are the creator, the projector and the observer. You have at your discretion - via your creative power - the power to experience all that is aligned with your personal preferences. The questions becomes:

what is it you prefer?

We do not seek to answer this for you, but instead we direct your attention to your observations. What do you observe in your life? Chaotic communications? Mis-communications? Overdue bills? Unstable relationships? Or do you observe harmonious relationships? Flow and ease in your daily tasks and interactions with the outside world?

Look carefully, is what we ask you to do at this time. Look at what is directly in front of you, with regards to people, circumstances, situations and experiences, and you will know, without a doubt, what it is you prefer.

Take a moment, then, to go within. Feel into your creations. Feel into your preferences. Your preferences are what you continually think about; what you place consistent attention on and how you feel in any given moment. Understand we hide nothing from you because we cannot.

You, my love, are the creator, the projector and the observer. If anyone hides anything, we say it is you.

This is the work - seeing what is hidden, what is obvious and what is beautiful. You are capable of Divine Beauty. Why not make this your top preference and create from there?

We love you. We love you. We love you.

And so it is.


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