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Remember Your Courage

We are here, love. We are here. Blessings to you on this beautiful day of love, light, creation and conscious change.

We look at the human family and we see wondrous beings. We see love, strength of heart, courage, conviction and compassion in each of you. Yes, these virtues may be obscured in some, but the potential for expression remains.

You are wondrous. Make no mistake about it. You are courageous. One has to be courageous of heart to embark upon the earthbound human journey of light.

You are being called, at this time, to remember your courage; to be courageous even when you do not wish to be so. What choice is there? we ask. What choice would you prefer to make in place of the choice to be in courage? There is no other choice, we would say, for in choosing to relinquish courage, you relinquish yourself. And that is not why you incarnated at this time.

You incarnated to be the life-force that is you; to exude the love virtues that are inherently you. You incarnated because you heard the words "thy will be done" and knew you would not fail. You came with a specific plan - specific only to you. You are not here to follow what others do, or to make a mockery of your individual skills, gifts and talents. You are here to express all of you - the dark and the light. For it is when you see the dark within, it can be dispelled.

The cloak you wear of misery, deceit, self-negation, doubt and lack is not of You. It is not of the true Self. It is a cloak of your making drawn over your shoulders in an attempt to hide your light. This time of courage, the time of which we speak, is the time to remove the cloak of darkness that has left you weary and downtrodden.

Your light - the truth of You - is ready to be unveiled.

So, dear brothers and sisters, unveil your light. Unveil your courage. Unveil your true essence and choose, once again, to be the light that is You.

And so it is.


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