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Learn to Illuminate Light

Blessings, love. We are here. We are here. We join you now for this most blessed time of communion.

The planetary alignment with the moon is such that great change is in humanity's midst. We have said repeatedly great change is upon you. And why do we say this? To alarm you? No. We say this to encourage flexibility, adaptability, and surrender.

You are in the business, we will say, of self-mastery; not the business of others. What others do is not your concern or area of focus, unless it affects you immediately and directly. This is not about minding someone else's business. It is about minding your own business - the business of self-mastery - throughout this time of change.

The window of opportunity to master what has plagued you, in this space time reality and across timelines, is unparalleled.

You have before you, in the ascension, the opportunity to lay down what you no longer want and to hold what it is you do want. So, what is it that you want? Security? Knowing everything will always line-up perfectly, that is according to your perfectly laid out plans? Sometimes it will and sometimes it will not. This is why we speak of flexibility, adaptability and surrender.

The Divine Plan, in which you experience aspects of yourself, is divinely orchestrated to give, to show, to present and at times to hide what you need to know. The change we speak of at this time will disrupt some perfectly laid out plans. There will be upheavals in your life as the foundation upon which it was built is made new. You will not favor the disruptions, but in the end you will come to know the grandeur of your being - your light.

You are a child of the Most High. You are a child of light; a traveler on the rode to mastery. Receive the lessons. Receive the experiences. And receive the grace bestowed upon you throughout your walk on the earth plane.

You are not alone. And you have not been abandoned. You walk as a star who learns to illuminate light. Be the light. Be the love. Be the master.

And so it is.


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