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Let Go of All You Cannot Control

We are here, love. We are here. We send blessings and love to you on this beautiful day of love, light and creation.

We have said the energies are intensifying and the unseen will be seen. You, all of you, are seeing all aspects of creation at this time. You see them in yourself and others. You are all being asked to look at that which you have overlooked, ignored, or steered away from because the discomfort was too great.

The time of letting what can no longer be hidden or unattended to is no more. All aspects of your creations will be known.

We see the challenges so many of you face at this time. We see the anguish, confusion, dismay, resentment and fear that rises to the surface when you do not know what to say, what to do, where to go or what to change. All that is asked of you at this time is to hold your faith, hold your light and let go of all you cannot control.

You cannot control the fear response of others. You cannot control what others cannot understand or do not wish to understand. And you cannot control the pace at which clarity is known.

You can control yourself and what you choose to do with what rests at your feet. We know it is not easy at this time to be at peace every moment of the day because you are dealing with much clearing and release. Remember compassion. Remember to hold compassion for yourself and others as the reckoning of one’s choices, action and inaction has been laid bear.

You are a keeper of light, a holder of wisdom, a being of truth and it will be known in full by you who dedicate your mind and life to authentic expression of the Christ Light. You will not fail in any sense no matter how long it takes, no matter how many times you trip and fall, no matter how many times you forget you can always choose peace instead of fear.

Love remains. It never leaves. It remains in you, with you and around you…for it is you. This is what you will come to see as the clearing subsides and all that remains is pure, true and loving.

We hold you in love. We whisper encouragements. We send support in all forms. And we bid you peace in all things because we know what is held in the mind of God for you: you - your true authentic self expressed in its fullness. It will be so and we assist for this purpose.

Know you are loved beyond your comprehension. You are valued and held ever so gently in the loving arms of the One Infinite Creator at all times. Know all is well and know all will be well.

And so it is.

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