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Love Without Restraint

Photo Credit: Patrick Selin

This is the time to be with your heart, precisely at a time when it feels most difficult, most out of reach and the last option.

The heart, your heart, is the first option.

The heart is your love connection to All That Is and all that wants to be. The heart is love in form. You cannot and will not ever be mislead by the heart level connection you have to the Presence. It is the connection to the All Knowing, All Being Presence.

Be with the Presence in presence through your heart. It knows there is only ever love and it seeks to communicate love without restraint. That is why you experience heartache; when your heart wants to communicate freely as the love it is, but you hold it back. The heart aches to express love, be it in whichever form - kindness, joy, compassion, altruism, non-judgment and life itself.

All love ever wants to do is flow, express and be.
The love is you, as you too want to flow, express and be who and what you are meant to be.

Be with this and know who and what you are - conduits of love and vessels of creative compassion.

Be with love. Speak with love and you will see the results of creating a world where love is accepted, honored, valued, experienced and lived.

This will indeed be a new earth.


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