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Photo Credit: Yeshi Kangrang

Deeply lodged within you is a concern that you are doing something wrong. It is not a question of what you are “doing wrong.” It is a matter of accepting where you are, letting it be what it is and letting it pass.

Stop holding onto it by giving so much of your attention to it and let it go. Let it be what it is meant to be and let it happen. Just let it all fall away. Let the worry fall away. There is no need to cling to the unknown from a place of fear. Instead, cling to the free-ness of knowing that life is for you.

You have to surrender over all that concerns you. You have lost control and are now being forced to recognize the opportunity that lies in surrender.

Surrender does not mean to sit and do nothing; nor does surrender mean to give up or relinquish your power.

Surrender means you relax into acceptance of where you are and what is happening around you. You let your body release the tension and angst of you trying to control the outcome of how you think things should be.

It is letting go, and letting it be so that whatever the situation or circumstance is trying to reveal to you can be shown to you. If your energy continues to remain tight, filled with worry and fear, you hold the situation and circumstance in your life.

You don’t need any tricks or resources to let go and surrender. You need faith, inspired thought and then action upon these thoughts.

Remember, when all is falling down around you, sometimes it’s best to be still. Be still until it passes.

We know you are worried about providing for yourself and your family, but you are not going to starve; nor are you going to die. You are being re-born.

Each step requires surrender of doubt and fear and all that has brought you to this point of letting go of everything that anchors you to despair. We know it is difficult to let go of ways that have “served” you in the past; the self-sabotaging ways that helped you to cope with all that is undesirable in your life. The time for coping has fallen away because the surrendering has begun as the candle has been lit. This is your time to leave all the ways of being that no longer serve you behind. This is your moment, the culmination of all you have learned, lived, wondered about (‘is this real, or am I crazy?’) to walk through the doorway of surrender and new beginnings.

So let it be.

There is only love.


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