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The Great Elixir

Photo Credit: Ameen Fahmy


You may not see it clearly in your life, but it is there. You may not feel it directed toward you, or feel comfortable directing it toward others, but it is there.

Love, whether you see it or not, is always there. It is always with you. It is a part of you and it is you. You have but to release the blocks and resistance in you to see it, express it and most importantly to receive it.

As you receive, you can give.
You cannot give what you cannot receive.

Receive, allow and welcome the many ways love is trying to show its presence in you and in your life. Let it flow so you can flow more easily in your experience of life.

Love softens; it soothes and eases the most hardened. It is the great elixir, the great medicine, healer, unifier and bridge to All That Is.

Let love in. Let love be. And let love be with you at all times. And so it is.


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