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The Ups-and-Downs of Life

We are here, love. We are here. Love to you on this most beautiful day of love, light, creation and conscious change.

Yours is a tall order, we will say. We speak of the journey of the earthbound soul at this time. Many shifts and changes are underway within human bodies and the earth planetary system. All life is at the affect of planetary change at this time.

Perceive a rollercoaster, if you will. See the ups-and-downs, the highs-and-lows and feel the rise and fall of emotions when on such a ride. Every person who steps onto the rollercoaster ride, at some point or another, regrets getting on the ride. The dips are almost too much to bear and the relief from the dips is often not long enough. But what happens when you disembark? Often you will say, "That was fun! I would ride again!"

You are on the rollercoaster ride of planetary ascension. While there are plenty of moments when you question why you chose to embark upon such a ride, there are just as many moments - if not more - when you feel gratitude for the experience.

You were not promised an easy ride. You were not promised relief from discomfort the moment you seek it. You were promised a way to always, always know you are not alone. You were promised guideposts, strangers, friends, books, resources to point and steer you in the direction of your highest outcome: love - the return to love. The ride can be less jolting when you remember why you came.

You came to bring the love that you are to aid those who have completely forgotten it was their choice to embark upon the ride to ascension. You chose to come to enhance light in places where light has been forgotten. You chose to come because you knew when the fear of the ups-and-downs subsided, you would know light in a way you have not known it. You chose to come because in all your forgotten splendor, you knew the stripping away of all that is not You would reveal gifts you were meant to share when they were needed the most. You came because you knew you would make a difference in the fabric of reality. And you are!

Your presence, your gifts, your interests and longings all contribute your essence into the field to affect everything and everyone around you. You are the change! You are the One!

We hold you in love and we know you as love. On this day, go forth and BE the love that is you.

And so it is.


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