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Times of Uncertainty

Photo Credit by Anthony Delanoix

Times of uncertainty offer an opportunity to recognize the place fear holds within your life, your body, your decisions and your actions and to know there is a difference between hysterical fear and being preemptively cautious. Preemptive caution is an act of love towards oneself and others. Hysterical fear only serves to preserve one person - you.

Let crisis be a tool to recognize pervasive fear in this world. It no longer has a place to hide because it is now at the surface to be seen and transmuted. Yes, fear has a place, but is not to remain as the prime decision maker. Use the combined talent of your heart and head to determine and take action. The idea during a time of crisis is to anchor, hold and act from a place of groundedness. This can't be done if fear is the prime decision maker.

The time in which we now find ourselves fosters powerful presence. We are at home in the physical sense, in our bodies, with ourselves and those we love as we come home to the heart. This is a pivotal time. The most important quality to give and receive at this time is a loving, grounded and sincere presence.

This is our new wheelhouse.


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