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Trust the Vision

Photo Credit: Jeswin Thomas

Life wants growth, change, an open heart and a quiet mind. Life expresses itself abundantly when you remove your mental limitations. In order to remove mental limitations, do not believe everything you see and hear. There is so much more going on beneath the surface of outer appearances.

You are to believe what your body tells you is true.

As you trust yourself, you will come to know the soft, gentle feel of where truth resides within your body. You can use your self-trust to identify your soul center and use it to discern what is true. Your soul center is where you feel your connection to the presence of a Higher Intelligence.

When information comes into your awareness, bring your attention to the place in your body where intuition is felt the strongest. Ask your question, for example, “Does this feel true for me? Does my body recognize truth in this information?” As you ask your question, pay attention to your body and feel the answer come into your awareness. You will become familiar with this feeling and will know the comfort that surrounds truth.

Trust yourself.
Be comfortable with truth and be comfortable in truth.


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